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Join the ranks of hundreds of contractors and media professionals who have already embraced the market's most cost-effective and reliable 4G 4K Time-Lapse camera system.

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Experience the easiest time-lapse camera setup available to the construction sector.

  • Save £1000's No Rental or Hire

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  • Fast & Easy Plug & Play

  • 4k Ultra HD Time-Lapse System

  • 4G Configured & Ready To Go

  • Remote Web Portal Options

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- Kiera Sayers, Project Manager of PDW

"We have been working with Burgess since 2018 and can’t fault the customer service and expertise. Their team have always been available to help and assist when needed. We have already recommended their service to a number of our clients, and why we look forward to continuing working with them in the future."

- Steven Gourlay, Owner of Steven Gourlay Photography Ltd

"Superb support, had a few issues during the project with power cuts, mobile networks going down and they were always contactable and helped resolve the problems ASAP, highly recommend."

Recent Projects...

- 8 Years In Business, Deployed In Over 22 Countries.

Burgess Technologies has been building time-lapse systems for over 8 years. Our 4K+4G time-lapse camera systems have been successfully deployed in over 22 countries, from Robert Dyson’s research center in Wiltshire to Waterford’s rum distillery in the West Indies. Regardless of location, the setup process remains identical thanks to our pre-built, pre-configured plug & play solution.



For a limited time, get £300 off the 4G-4K Ultra HD System, reducing the system price from £1295 to just £995. You can also opt for the remote web-portal, available at an annual cost, this and the VPN 4G SIM card will be included in your quote.


To get started, simply plug the 4G Box into a power source, whether it’s 12V, 110V, or 240V. Then, mount the camera and connect it to the 4G Box using the provided 20mtr data cable. It’s worth noting that you can extend this cable up to 100mtrs, that’s it, job done!


Hardware failures are extremely rare with our time-lapse systems. In fact, it’s not uncommon for these systems to run for years without any issues. However, in the unlikely event that there is a fault with the hardware, we offer an advanced replacement service to ensure that you can get back up and running as quickly as possible.


Our time-lapse system is flexible when it comes to power. It can run off 110V and 240V, and only the 4G box requires direct power. We can also ship the system as 12V solar-ready, with the solar hardware being the only additional requirement for full functionality.


We offer flexible payment options for the SIM card, including upfront annual payments or automatic payments set up via direct debit, which can be easily arranged online. The 4G router is broadband ready, and pre-configured to a high-speed cellular network, and we have a VPN connection in place for remote support if needed.


Our remote operations encompass various aspects. Firstly, we offer a remote VPN connection to the hardware, ensuring seamless support and assistance. Additionally, our web portal allows you to conveniently access and view your system remotely. Furthermore, with a separate login, you can easily download your images for post-production purposes.

SAVE £1000's

With rental options for time lapse systems, you could end up spending £400 per month along with an average installation cost of £600, not to mention additional charges for system removal. Over a 12-month project, this can amount to approximately £5,500. Moreover, many projects extend beyond 1 year. In contrast, by choosing Burgess Technologies, you can own the system outright with a single payment of under £1000. Enjoy the benefits of ownership without the ongoing rental expenses.